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Engineered turnkey solutions for your safety.
We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services to keep your industrial production processes safe and running smoothly.


Spark Detection System

We provide several methods of protection for production processes and production lines, such as spark, flame, heat, smoke or carbon.

Protective systems

By using an appropriate fire protection system with a quick response time, the risk for the fire to be spread to other areas can also be minimized.

Explosion Protection

Specially developed pressure and optical detectors constantly monitor the protected zones of the production technology.

FIREFLY® Spark Detection and Extinguishing Systems

Industrial processes often include extinguishing targets with a shape, volume, temperature or material flow that requires a custom-built extinguishing solution.
We design and implement the optimal solution for every target.

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FIREFLY® Protective systems

The risk of explosion exists wherever all explosion conditions are fulfilled at the same time. The danger applies in particular to pneumatic material transport, bucket vertical and horizontal conveyors, filtration units, dryers, storage facilities for bulk and powder materials (silos, tanks), mills and crushers, machining equipment, where materials from light metal alloys (aluminum, magnesium, etc.) are split up and spouted during the procedure.

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RSBP® Explosion Protection

An explosion occurs when combustible dust dispersed in the air in high-enough concentration accumulates within an enclosed location in the atmosphere or in the presence of an oxidizing agent (pure oxygen).

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