Spark detection and extinguishing system

Detect hot particles before they glow

Seeing black particles in the dark
Firefly’s spark detection system uses TrueIR™ detectors and advanced signal processing to detect hot particles in the process flow, even if they are not glowing. Sparks visible to the human eye have a temperature of at least 700°C. But many materials, such as wood, can catch fire at much lower temperature, around 400°C. By the time sparks can be seen, it may already be too late.

spark detection
spark detection firefly detector installed


  • TrueDetect technology™

    Firefly’s TrueDetect technology™ enables detection down to the right ignition temperatures and energy levels for different materials without being sensitive to daylight. A Firefly True IR detector is based on lead sulphide cells (PbS) and is therefore insensitive to daylight. Conventional spark detectors are based on silicone photodiodes (Si) and will therefore detect visible light and near infrared radiation (i.e. temperatures from about 650°C or higher).

  • Multi-checkpoint technology™

    As the only supplier in the world, Firefly equips all its True IR detectors with the patented Multi-checkpoint technology™ to ensure detection quickness and reliability. Using a derivative measuring principle, Firefly True IR detectors can detect dangerous particles at transport speeds up to 50m/sec.

  • To consider when choosing suitable detector type:

    • Determine the minimum ignition temperature (MIT) and minimum ignition energy (MIE) of the processed material.
    • Choose the detection technology that will meet the MIT and MIE of that material.
    • Analyze possible detection disturbance sources and make sure that the chosen detector will not cause false triggering

Use cases:

Insensitive to daylight

The Firefly TrueDetect™ technology is insensitive to daylight and enables detection down to the minimum ignition temperature (MIT).

Firefly’s TrueIR™ detectors only operate in the infrared spectrum. Conventional spark detectors, by contrast, are based on silicone photodiodes that detect visible light and near-infrared radiation, i.e. temperatures from 650° C or higher.

All Firefly TrueIR™ detectors are equipped with patented Multi-Checkpoint™ technology to ensure rapid and accurate detection. Using a derivative measuring principle, Firefly detectors can identify hazardous particles traveling at speed up to 50 meters per second.

spark detection